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King Haxorus and his prisoners
Warning: Contains un willing and willing vore.
Inside Haxorus’ gleaming castle,
“Bring in my first prisoner!” king Haxorus demanded. The two guards, covered in gleaming silver armor brought in the first prisoner. The guards unhooked the chains off of the prisoner: a Mienshao. “So,” king Haxorus started. “You have been stealing from my people?” he asks. The Mienshao looks up at the king, fire in his eyes. “So?” the Mienshao shouts. “What?!” king Haxorus shouts standing to his feet. “Your people are worthless! You don’t do a single dang thing about it! While you sit in this stupid castle, your people out there are suffering!” the Mienshao shout, pointing a paw over at the door. King Haxorus walks over to the Mienshao, stopping just centimeters away from him. Haxorus places both sets of claws on the Mienshao’s shoulders, bending his neck so that his face reaches the Mienshao. Quickly and witho
:iconicedvore:Icedvore 20 22
choices. by Lucariolover1324 choices. :iconlucariolover1324:Lucariolover1324 12 3,695
3mil Damage!
I was wondering how hard it would be to hit 3 million damage (for the achievement) without the Newgame+ feature.
I managed to do it at level 40, but it's possible to do it at level 35 or lower.
Here's how!:
•Give Natalie all the Cake (x1.6~ damage)
•Give Natalie the equips with the highest magic attack (x2.7~ damage)
•Give Natalie Hela's Staff to boost Dark skills (1.5x damage)
•Give Natalie Black Hole (500 power)
•Find a foe that's really weak against Dark (x1.8~ damage)
•Buff Natalie's magic attack to 70% (x1.7 damage)
•Debuff foe's magic defence to -50% (2x damage)
•Give Foe weakness status (x1.5 damage)
•Use Black Hole with Natalie
•Get a critical hit (either stagger the foe or use brave status) (1.5x damage)
I hit 4 million damage like this against a Chimera Bear at level 40.
If I had managed to freeze the foe (x2 damage), it would have been 8 million!
Since player damage roughly doubles every 5 levels, 3 million damage should be possible at level 34! (with some luck and lots of p
:iconkupogames:KupoGames 18 42
the hungry look...
the hungry look,
the wolves
weaving through
and around
  the gully of your throat like wraiths,
we can feel you rusting, lost one;
i know that drainpipes and fenders
begin to crackle after winter wet
and that there’s a touch of snow
in all of us,
but no one,
no one could hold you as tightly as you do,
your whole body, bloodless in this arrest,
and if you will not let your fetters show
i will show you
there’s a place for going, and you haven’t gone there yet;
where quantum particles, once in contact, can retain a connection
even when separated
where you
wander up to a stranger
with your shirt inside-out
and say ‘don’t mind me, i am just a deer come out to observe the world’
some strange magic, that once done, cannot let go
:iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 117 45
Hylian Shirt by blo0p Hylian Shirt :iconblo0p:blo0p 3,808 532



Im back on dA! But on a diffent account, so yeah go check it out 


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